One of the most important aspects when considering which English courses in Ireland to take is the quality of the professor. There are the basics: they should have experience, be knowledgeable and be certified. But then there are other details which potential students should think about when deciding which course or even which school they should attend. If the professor of a course you’re considering is rumoured or witnessed as any of the following, strongly considering swapping courses or changing schools.

The Disengaged Professor

Nothing is worse than having to deal with a professor who is clearly bored with his or her job, makes no effort to present the learning material in an interesting way, and who is grumbling about how he or she does not want to be teaching the course.

  • If the professor is boring from day one, strongly consider changing the course. Things are unlikely to get better.
  • If the professor is whining about how teaching this course is a waste of his or her time, switch classes and consider making a complaint.
  • If the professor is only reading material out of a textbook and offers little other instruction, it is time to find a new course.

The Unprepared Professor

Students come to class expecting to be told what they are going to do each day and how they will arrive at the final goal for that lesson. Professors should be prepared every day. This starts with giving out a detailed syllabus which is unique to their program. The syllabus should not simply be a one paragraph description of the course which was likely copied from the course description available on the school’s website.

The professor of a course should have an outline of what will be taught and why. This is essential for ensuring that all key points of learning are covered, as well as a few additional and beneficial lessons. Without an outline, it is not only the students who do not know what to expect. It is very likely that the professor has no idea what he or she will be teaching as well.

The Petty Professor

Each professor will likely have a set of rules for conduct in his or her classroom. This is fair – to a certain degree. The last thing that any student wants to deal with is a petty professor that hands out a 5-page “rule” book at the start of his or her program. If the rule list is longer than the syllabus that the professor hands out, steer clear of that course.

The Lax Professor

The idea of having little course work may sound great, but when it comes to testing and trying your skills in the real world, you will find that the professor has done you no favours. Students should expect a certain amount of course work to be required in order to not only successfully complete the course, but to gain anything of value from it.