Your wedding day is one of the most eventful and eminent happening of your entire life. You are delighted, ecstatic, thrilled, jovial and what not. But there is just one more person who is as excited, overjoyed and pleased to see you get married is your MOTHER.

She is all geared up to help you, assist you, to be there for you only if you would come forward to ask her for any cooperation and guidance. Bear in mind that both your mothers are already being extra cautious about what to ask you for in terms of lending a helping hand or letting you make the decisions. So it might be hurtful if you behave in a rude or coarse manner.

Here are just a few pointers which might help you in being cautious of issuing anything impolite and keeping the peace intact for a stress free wedding plan.


It will only be extremely thoughtful and gracious of your parents to chip in a certain amount of money in your wedding or covering any specific element of the wedding festivities, otherwise they are not obliged to. Neither should you burden them by asking them to get you the most expensive wedding dress or arrange a destination wedding.


One fine day, while all bogged down with tasks at work you receive an email with the subject “mother of the bride dresses”. Upon opening it, you come across a disastrous and a tacky dark yellow dress which absolutely clashes with your bridesmaids’ dresses. Stay calm and do not let the bridezilla act up instantly. While you cannot imagine the mother of the groom dresses up in similar tones, you should plan a leisure shopping trip with both the moms separately and politely lure them into buying what you deem will rightly match your requirement.


Mothers are emotional and nostalgic characters in our lives. It is only natural that they reminisce on their big days. They might take out their wedding day outfits and accessories to offer you to pair up with your wedding outfit. Even if you can’t wear it as it does not match with what you have pictured, appreciate their gesture none the less.


Just like we mentioned earlier, it is not only your big day. It is a roller coaster ride of emotions and accomplishments for your parents as well. They may never end to instruct or guide you when it comes to something they think you need supervision.

Do not get worked up. Keep your calm and listen to them patiently, after all it is all coming with a goodness of heart.

The central idea is, do not get agitated no matter how your mothers tend to annoy you by either taking over or advising too much, JUST KEEP YOUR CALM. They are not doing it intentionally; it is just a part of being a MOM. Solve things by communicating and talking your heart out. You will find a common ground to work on.