Your first thought when considering commercial auto insurance is that this is something you need and that a good broker should be able to provide with minimal effort.  However, one visit to your broker or even a look online will have you realizing that there are actually hundreds of different products, or ‘lines’ or insurance which is available.  You will need to choose the right one for your business needs.  This means evaluating your business and what cover is actually required before you choose the right policy or indeed, any policy.  As this can be extremely baffling you will find that most brokers almost certainly wish to speak to the professionals. Superior Access Insurance Services, Inc This online insurance wholesaler can provide a range of products to suit the needs of any of your clients.  They will even talk you through the benefits of each type of policy.

Why Commercial Auto Insurance Lines

A company may have one vehicle or many, all of which can be accessed and used by the majority of the employees.  This means that it can be extremely difficult to keep track of who has which vehicle and whether they are insured to drive or not.  Indeed without trackers fitted you may even struggle to locate some of your vehicles; depending upon the size of the workforce and the number of vehicles you have.

Commercial auto insurance does more than cover for accidents; it will cover the damage from an accident and the medical bills of your staff and the third party of the accident was your driver’s fault.  This type of cover can also be applied to an employee’s vehicle which is being used for business purposes or rented / leased vehicles.  You may be surprised to learn that most policies will also cover damage caused by vandalism and by hail storms!  Vandalism can have an obviously detrimental effect on the reputation of the business.  Hail storms are a little less obvious; but a dangerous issue.

In addition to this there are policies which are designed to protect the driver and the business from lawsuits.  This can often be the case if a serious injury or death is caused by a driver and there will be substantial ongoing medical costs or emotional effects and family hardship.  A lawsuit can be more than financially taxing; it is also generally an emotional drain and a physical drain on the resources of the business as well as potentially damaging to your reputation.  A good insurance policy will deal with all the issues on your behalf and can often do so quietly without the need for the issue to go to court.

The range of policies offered commercially cover cars, vans and even trucks.  Simply specify every vehicle in your fleet and enjoy the peace of mind which comes from knowing you have a good insurance policy through a good broker.  The full range of auto insurance lines may be needed but, should anything happen, the policy will be worth its weight in gold!